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Shiny Glass Houses


Lurking is an art form.  You move in the dark, intent on making a scene only when the perfect time presents itself.  Lurkavelli and his New Lurk City collective are plotting that ambush as we speak.  The visuals for “Everything’s Still The Same” had me caught up in his world of blurry cab rides and blinking project hallway lights.  Curious, I had to learn more about his movement. Our conversation took us through Lurkavelli’s reasons behind rhyming, the future as he sees it, and his strange new love for peach brandy.  Lets take a ride to the Lower East Side.

Shiny Glass Houses: Tell me about New Lurk City.  Sounds like a movement, but nothing in plain sight.  More like tight circles moving in the shadows.

Lurkavelli: We are a New York City based collective that does music, photo and videography, events, and clothing. New Lurk City was actually…

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Shaqfacing the Industry: Lurkavelli

Shaq Face Bloggin


Here at Shaqface we like to do things a bit different. I’ve been checking out the blog scene lately and it seems as if they’ve become the stamp of approval for up and coming artist who send and send and send links all over the interwebs hoping to land on these sites for exposure. Usually when a site picks em up, it comes with a link of the song and short lil bio on the artist, in which the artist wrote and the site cares nothing about.

But really..who the fuck are you? Why should I listen when there’s a thousand other artist to choose from, plus my old 90s shit I cant get out my tape decks. Fuck that…I wanna know who u are, why you’re in my face and why shouldn’t I shaqface you in the process.

So I’ve decided to stop being a grump and Shine light…

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NEW MUSIC: Skip Rage Ft Telli From Ninjasonik – Bl▲ck Bandana – Produced by SpaceGhost Purrp

New Lurk City/HVLO Records Own Skip Rage has released a new dope track featuring Telli of Ninjasonik, produced by Rvidxr Klvn leader Spaceghost Purrp who has official quit “Rap”. Skip & Telli come together once again since there last track Leaders Of The New Kool. If you like to RAGE  this track out.

Free Download: blvck-bandana-feat-telli



New Lurk City Presents: EL TRAP PARTY @ Tender Trap!!
We getting trippy mane! Hitting FALL/AUTUMN with a DOPE ASS ALL NIGHT DANCE PARTY!, the only way we know how. Like lurkers!!!

Leave the drama and bullshit home were partying like a bunch of dirty lurking hipsters
Wednesday – Otober 10th – 10 pm to 4am

@itsNEWLURKCITY @7DayWeekendsNY


#TheNewYorkDream: Bodega BAMZ x NOSLEEPPRO x 7DWs

#TheNewYorkDream: Bodega BAMZ x NOSLEEPPRO x 7DWs
Shot & Edited by NoSleepPro

We sat down with Up & Coming Harlem Rap/Hip-Hop Artist Bodega BAMZ sometime early this month at Headquarters 60 Skate Shop located on 60 Orchard St. New York, NY, 10002. During the interview we got to discuss where Bamz came from, his culture backgrounds & what is the next plan/step for him. We Bamz reallly moving forward in the right direction.

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