New Lurk City is a multimedia lifestyle company, established in 2010. Just a little over a year, New Lurk City contains an online blog, music group, and soon to be released apparel. It was founded by Von Brown and Marv, where they kicked it off with their first event in Williamsburg. New Lurk City views the world differently than others. New Lurk City is a community of artists in many fields of work. There are recording artist, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and more. New Lurk City plans on showing the world how diverse it really is. New Lurk City incorporates a trademark attitude, with the knowledge of street culture.

New Lurk City is a place, where no one is judged for anything they do. We are all growing individuals with innovations of living large. New Lurk City covers every aspect in the way we live our lives. We are well-known for our events. Our events are usually crazy. It’s all about comfort and fun. With less than a year together we have noticed the drastic changes in our surroundings. New Lurk City offers the world something different. We are BIG on support. It’s similar to money, everybody WANTS it, but no one WANTS to give it.

More than just another blog, record label or clothing line, New Lurk City is a lifestyle project that remains personal and direct, reflective of the community and culture, and dedicated to its fanbase.

New Lurk City | Lurk With Us Or Get 86’d

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